gr«Successful business is 40% GR, 40% PR and just 20% — well-organized business itself…»

Of course, you can treat the above aphorism as a joke. But if at any moment you start to realize that the saying is true, you know where to go for assistance.

The company “BusinessForum” has been rendering professional services in GR for almost ten years.

Geography of professionals working for the company includes both Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and a number of regions of the Russian Federation.

Our employees will do their best:

  • To solve practical issues with government companies;
  • To create favourable working environment with regulatory bodies;
  • To solve questions of entering new markets.

As well as resolution of any other matters requiring GR competency.







Visits to exhibitions

Company “BusinessForum” specializes in organization of trips of managers and specialists to exhibitions abroad. Our company has a long-term experience in organization of individual and group programmes, as well as corporate...



Horses, wine and magic Lisbon

Lisbon – one of the most exiting European cities! For its visitors it opens luxury shops, tremendous nightlife, spectacular city views which present a combination of the Modern age and...

We are pleased to announce a joint program with Tallinn Hotel Group (Tallinn, Estonia) for professionals in tourism and business (MICE). The in-service training program will include a seminar about the professional characteristics (particular custom)...
We are grateful to our colleagues from the St. Petersburg Business Association (SPIBA) for inviting to participate in a business meeting with the management of the Office for Migration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in ...
03/15-18/2018 the representative of DMC "BusinessForum" took part in one of the most significant events of MICE - "Connections meetings" in Lisbon (Portugal). This platform allows to receive valuable MICE connections, share ideas with unforgettable i...
April 19, 2016 during the "Week of Germany in St. Petersburg" management of the "BusinessForum" Ltd. had participated in the international scientific-practical conference "Development of economy in the unstable international political situation", hel...