Lisbon – one of the most exiting European cities! For its visitors it opens luxury shops, tremendous nightlife, spectacular city views which present a combination of the Modern age and the Middle ages.




Day 1. Arrival in Lisbon.
Free time.

Day 2lisb2

10.00 10.00 Transfer from the hotel. Visit to the Queluz National Palace where the Portuguese Equestrian School is based. You will witness a unique equestrian show and see how the school training is done. The Portuguese Equestrian School is one of the few best European equestrian schools performing at the show. The organizers gave us a unique opportunity to see it!

lisb3The Portuguese Equestrian School The Portuguese Equestrian School is a reconstruction of Picaria Real Academy, the famous Portuguese Equestrian Academy of the 18th century. This School possesses a stable of unique Lusitan horses. They were the horses who were attached to the Royal Household and delivered to the Royal Academy.

13.00 – Return to Lisbon. Free time.



Day 3lisb4

10.00 – Transfer to Ribatejo region, famous for its stables and bulls. This day will be devoted to the acquaintance with local traditions of horse riding and corrida.

11.00 – Upon arrival to the stables, the group will be met by Anna Batista – the most famous woman- bullfighter. You will hear about horse-breaking and preparation for the fight. You will also witness corrida imitation.

After lunch you will hear about the history and peculiarities of Lusitan horses and also you will have a unique opportunity to take up a riding lesson on Royal horses.

17.00 – Transfer to Lisbon.

18.00 – Free evening.


Day 4lisb5

09.30 – Transfer to Azambuja region.
10.30 – You will take a voyage aboard the national vessel Varino Vala Real along the river Tejo. This voyage will really sink into your imagination! During the trip you will enjoy unforgettable beauties and wild nature of Tejo. You will see herons walking along the banks of the river waiting for photo session.

You will visit Mouchao White House, the habitat of Lusitan horses in wild nature. And if you are lucky, the group will see breaking and training of horses.

13.30 – Lunch on "Casa Cadaval" farm.The farm is famous for the highest quality of wines and for its stables. After lunch you will visit wine cellars and learn about winemaking methods which are used on the farm. After a short excursion and wine tasting you will have time to visit the wine store.

17.00 – Transfer to Lisbon.
18.15 – Free time.



Day 5

10.00 – Transfer to “leather factory”.

11.00 – Visit to the factory and shop. For more than 50 years the factory has remained the leader in the Portuguese market of leather goods. The factory’s own shop allows selling goods of highest quality at prices which are several times lower than in dealer networks.

lisb613.00 - Departure to Almeirim for lunch. You will taste the most famous Portuguese dish "Stone Soup" whose recipe has been kept in strict confidence for many centuries.

15.30 – Return to Lisbon via wine farm Alorna. Visit to wine cellars, wine tasting.

17.00 – Transfer to Lisbon


18.30 – Free time.
lisb720.00 – Transfer to Fado Dinner.
The guests will be offered a fabulous dinner to the accompaniment of Fado songs. Since 2011 these songs have been listed by UNESCO as Portugal’s cultural heritage.


Day 6
Transfer to Lisbon airport.

Accommodation in VILA RICA HOTEL 4*

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Horses, wine and magic Lisbon

Lisbon – one of the most exiting European cities! For its visitors it opens luxury shops, tremendous nightlife, spectacular city views which present a combination of the Modern age and...

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